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MAR Fin: Loan calculation: an example

Let's assume you need a loan of 100000.- EUR. The contract says that the amortisation is via an annuity. That is, the repayment amount stays constant over the repayment period and therefore the redemption rate increases and the interest rate decreases over the years. Let us assume the following conditions apply:
  • Interest rate for the loan is 8%
  • Monthly repayment rate is 1000.- EUR
The input for MasterAllRound is:
  • Debt is "100000"
  • Interest [%] is "8"
  • Monthly repayment is "1000"
Click on the "Run!" button and MasterAllRound performs the loan calculation. You obtain a summary as well as a detailed listing throughout the repayment period of the loan.
Amortisation via annuity: input and detailed listing

Extra repayments affect either the duration of the loan or the monthly repayment rate. With MasterAllRound, you can also easily analyze the influence of extra repayments.

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