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MAR Cal, MAR Fin and MAR Plus are free for individuals, schools and other educational institutions. The usage of any MAR-program for commercial purpose requires the preliminarily written consent of the MAR Team.

Information about MAR Cal

With MasterAllRound, the scientific all-round calculator for the PC, you can easily use your PC as a calculator. Download the following quick start guides for the MAR Cal:
  • In 5 steps to MAR Cal – First Users (pdf-file)
    In 5 easy steps you'll learn how to use the universal calculator:
    • Principle approach
    • Basic example
    • Operators
    • Hierarchy and brackets
    • Numeracy with powers and roots

  • In 5 steps to MAR Cal – Advanced Users (pdf-file)
    In 5 easy steps you'll learn how to:
    • Generate pairs of values
    • Use standard functions
    • Declare constants
    • Apply the scientific format
    • Insert comments

Information about MAR Plus

  • Easy Steps to MAR Plus: Material Management (Gozintograph) (pdf-file)
    MAR Plus is useful in many ways. For example, you can easily and quickly obtain results for linear equation systems. Here's an example from material management. It shows how you could use the linear equation solver of MAR Plus to calculate the overall material required for various goods during the manufacturing process. The content includes:
    • Gozintograph
    • An example
    • Calculation of total material demand
    • Solving the linear equation system

  • Easy Steps to MAR Plus: Electrical Engineering (pdf-file)
    Linear equation systems are commonly used in many professional areas, e. g. in engineering, economics and finance. An important application of linear equation systems are current flow considerations in electrical networks. This example shows how to use linear equation systems in electrical engineering and their solution with MAR Plus. The content of this example includes:
    • Ohm’s and Kirchhoff’s laws
    • Electrical Network (graphical display and mathematical description)
    • Analysis of Electrical Circuits
    • Solution with MAR Plus

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