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MAR Plus

MasterAllRound Plus MasterAllRound appeals to students, engineers, scientists and technically interested people, who prefer to concentrate on the solution of a numerical question instead of being delayed by programming tasks.

MAR Plus offers besides the universal calculator and the plot module, additional computation tool kits - all of these with the easy-to-use functionality of the universal calculator. This way, you obtain easily and quickly results for:

The matrix modules and the linear equation solver interpret plain text input, like the universal calculator, and there is no size restriction for MasterAllRound.

The MAR Plus is useful in many ways whenever a pocket calculator is cumbersome:

  • To analyse arithmetic results or to study the influence of parameters
  • To visualise functions
  • For matrix calculations
  • To solve linear equation systems
  • To perform curve fitting

Application examples for MAR Plus - matrix calculation

Application examples for MAR Plus - linear equation system

Application examples for MAR Plus - plot module

MAR Cal - application examples and information

MAR Cal, MAR Fin and MAR Plus are free for individuals, schools and other educational institutions. The usage of any MAR-program for commercial purpose requires the preliminarily written consent of the MAR Team.

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