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Matrices: example inverse matrix: flexibility matrix

This example is from the area of finite element analysis. The task is to get the flexibility matrix [F]. The flexibility matrix is the inverse matrix of the stiffness matrix [K]. The example shows only a 3x3 matrix but there is no size restriction for MasterAllRound.

Let's assume the following stiffness matrix:

To solve this problem, more than one input method exists in MasterAllRound. We will show you the solution using number symbols (constants).
  • Using the smart calculator of MasterAllRound, we declare the values of the number symbols K11, K12 et cetera first:
    K11 = 171.0  and   K12 = -162.2  and   K13 = 66.6
    K21 = K12  and   K22 = 235.0  and   K23 = -162.2
    K31 = K13  and   K32 = K23  and   K33 = 171.0
    Smart calculator
  • After this, we enter the size of the matrix (n=3)
  • We will represent the cells with the number symbols K11, K12 et cetera
  • We start the calculation of the inverse matrix by clicking on the "Invert matrix A" button

The result is: Flexibility matrix

Here you see the MasterAllRound window with the input and the result matrix: Matrix inversion: input and result

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