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Interpolation and approximation

Interpolation and approximation Engineers and scientists are often faced with the problem of finding a function that matches a set of given data values. This problem is encountered, for example, when trying to fit a curve to a set of experimental values.

MasterAllRound offers selected interpolation methods and approximation functions, thus enabling you to solve your problem of constructing a function from a number of pairs of data values quickly and without pain.


The interpolating function exactly fits a given set of data values and represents the data between these as adequately as possible. The following interpolation methods are incorporated in MasterAllRound: Graphical interpolation solutions
  • Direct polynomial interpolation
  • Newton's divided difference interpolation formula
  • Lagrange's polynomial
  • Quadratic spline
  • Cubic spline


For approximation, the polynomial function interpolates the data points as closely as possible (but maybe not exactly). The following least squares fit solutions are incorporated in MasterAllRound:
  • Linear polynomial
  • Quadratic polynomial
  • Cubic polynomial
  • N-degree polynomial
  • Maximal degree polynomial

Features of MasterAllRound

  • The input is a text file containing the data pairs in 2 columns
  • The resulting interpolation (and approximation, respectively) polynomials are stored as text a file
  • The computed functions are transfered to the plot module
  • A button-click brings you to the plot module for a graphical display of your solutions

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